How to invite people from outside LIPA to a Microsoft Teams meeting

Inviting guests to a Teams meeting is simple. There are two ways of doing it – adding them when scheduling a meeting or by sharing the meeting invite link with them after the meeting has been set up. We will cover both methods of doing this below.

Option 1 – Adding guests to a meeting via Teams Calendar

You can add external guests in the same way you add people from your organisation in a Teams meeting.

In Microsoft Teams calendar schedule a new meeting by clicking on ‘+ New meeting’ button at the top right of the page (Fig 1)

Figure 1 – in Microsoft Teams calendar click on ‘New meeting’ to schedule a meeting

In the following page give your meeting a title, set the date and time, and type in the guest e-mail in full. Once Teams recognises that it’s an e-mail address from outside your organisation it will suggest inviting them to a meeting (see Fig 2). You can add as many guests as you like.

Click ‘Save’ at the top right to send the invite.

Once you save your meeting, your guests will get an automatic e-mail invite with the link to join the meeting in Teams.

Figure 2 – type in guest’s email address to invite them to a meeting

If your guests don’t have a Teams account, they will have the option to enter their name to join the meeting as a guest. If they do have a Teams account, they will need to select Sign in to join.

Option 2 – Sharing a meeting link with guests separately

If you would rather send a meeting link to people in an e-mail, you can schedule your meeting first (see instructions above) without adding guests to generate the meeting link.

Please note: you must invite at least one person to a scheduled meeting for the link to be generated.

If your meeting is with guest(s) only, you can add a colleague and then remove them from the invite afterwards (it may be a good idea to warn them about this first).

Once your meeting is scheduled in your calendar, open it back up and copy the ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ link from the meeting description area (Fig 3). You can then send this link to guests separately in an e-mail.

Figure 3 – meeting invite link highlighted in the scheduled meeting description area.

Last updated: 5/5/2020