Meet online using Microsoft Teams

If you have never used teams – in outlook, if you create a meeting, you can make it a teams meeting and it creates a link. If you have never used teams meetings, my advice would be do so now and also get the mobile app that is very good. #LTHEchat

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Microsoft Teams is a great tool to use for meeting people online and collaborating with your peers. Forming part of Office 365 package, MS Teams is available to all staff and students at LIPA. You can use MS teams to hold group discussions, schedule webinars, one to one tutorials and catch up with your colleagues via chat or hold instant meetings using Meet Now.

Instant meetings – Meet Now

It is easy to turn a conversation into a meeting using Microsoft Teams Meet Now function. Watch the video below to learn how or take a look at Microsoft’s Quick Guide to Meet Now here.

Schedule a meeting/webinar

Microsoft teams is connected to your Outlook account making it just as easy to schedule online meetings as it is regular meetings. When you schedule a meeting in Teams it will immediately appear in your Outlook calendar, and vice versa.

How to schedule a meeting in Microsoft Teams

Schedule a Teams meeting from Outlook

Good practice advice

Plan in advance

When scheduling meetings, remember to share the invite link with your participants well in advance of the meeting, including instructions on how to join so they know what to do.


Ensure you have a stable internet connection to run the meeting. If your bandwidth is slow consider not using your webcam or disabling your participants’ video feeds.


Use headset and microphone if you can – this will ensure higher sound quality for you and your meeting participants.


Mute your microphone if you are in a group meeting but are not talking to minimise background noise.

To learn more, please take a look at our other pages on how to use Teams.

Last updated: 18/03/2020