Setting up quizzes in Moodle

Quizzes in Moodle are a good way to offer formative assessment and to quickly test student knowledge on a topic. You are able to set up multiple quizzes throughout the module.

Before you start

  • A quiz in Moodle is made up of two parts: (1) a set up page or ‘front cover’ where you add the criteria for the quiz, such as grading and time limits, and (2) the questions themselves. The questions are stored separately from your quiz in a course Question bank. This means you can reuse your questions in a later quiz. It also means you could display an empty quiz (a ‘front cover’ with no questions added) on your course page, so be careful!
  • Some people prefer to make their quiz questions separately first and then add them to a quiz ‘front cover’ later. If you would like that, then look at the documentation on Question bank or just follow the guidance below until we get there!

Some comprehensive guides to Moodle quizzes (external):

Quiz quick guide

In depth quiz guide

Last updated: 18/03/2020