How to organise your Moodle 3.6 dashboard

Last reviewed: 4/9/2019

Watch our short tutorial video below to learn about organising your Moodle 3.6. dashboard (Clicking on the image below will open the video in a new browser tab.)

What you can expect to see in your dashboard

When you login to Moodle 3.6 you will immediately access the Course overview area, which contains all modules you will be enrolled on.

You are able to customise which modules you can see and how they are presented to you on this page.

Moodle dashboard image

Filtering, sorting and display options

Filtering options in Moodle dashboard

You will notice that above the list of modules you have buttons that allow you to select how the list of modules is presented.

You can filter your modules to select modules in progress (active), future modules, past modules, as well as starred or hidden modules. Starring a module will keep the module at the top of your list and will give you easy access to it.

Sort and display options will allow you to choose how the modules are displayed to you in the dashboard – in cards, as a list or summary.

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