How to navigate your Moodle 3.6 module

Last reviewed: 4/9/2019

Navigation in Moodle 3.6 is a lot more intuitive than before.

Take a look at our short tutorial video below to learn about navigating around Moodle 3.6. (Clicking on the image below will open the video in a new browser tab.)

What you can expect to see in the module page

In Moodle 3.6 the module contents will include a menu on the left hand side and contents area in the middle of the module page (see image below):

Module overview page in Moodle

The module menu

Module menu in Moodle

The menu on the left will allow you to quickly access:

  • Course information
  • Participants (students and staff)
  • Grades
  • Individual content folders (for your learning materials)

In the box below you will find a menu which will navigate you to other areas of Moodle:

  • Dashboard button will allow you navigate back to the main page in Moodle and see all modules you are enrolled in.
  • Site home button will take you to all the programmes set up within Moodle.
  • Calendar
  • My courses – quick access to all modules you are enrolled in.

The contents area

The contents area by default will include the following parts:

  • Welcome – this is for your message to the students on your course.
  • Staff Contact – information about teaching staff on the module. You can include information such as pictures, contact details, social media profile, where appropriate, and office hours.
  • Module Information – this could include a link to module handbook, summary of the learning outcomes and any other module-related information.
  • Assessment & Feedback – should include all module assessment details, including information and guidelines on how to submit assignments online.
    Due dates should also be clearly stated here. In addition, you can include submission links to direct your students to relevant areas in your module for assignment submission. It may be useful to consider adding any referral task information and deadlines to this area also.
  • Reading List – links to the links produced by the LRC for your course.

However, all of these areas can be removed and customised to suit your needs.

Additional features

Accessibility toolbar, search toolbar and Panopto toolbar

Accessibility toolbar on the right hand side of the module page will allow you and your users to customise how the information is presented on the screen, adjusting background colour and text size.

The search box will search for materials in the library catalogue.

Finally, the Panopto area will link to all relevant Panopto videos for the module in question.

Improved module coding

Module code image

You will notice that additional four numbers have appeared next to module codes. These are numbers identifying academic year when the modules are running.

This will make it easier to navigate future and past iterations of the same module.

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