How to add to the module menu in Moodle 3.6

Last reviewed: 4/9/2019

You are able to add extra items to the menu in your Moodle course.

Take a look at our short tutorial video below to learn about this functionality in Moodle 3.6. (Clicking on the image below will open the video in a new browser tab)

Turn editing on

You are able to make changes to the module contents as long as you have the correct access rights. Anyone enrolled as a ‘teacher’ will be able to amend contents and upload new materials to modules.

However, before you can make changes it is important that you enable the ‘editing’ feature, which will allow you to make changes to the module. You can do so by clicking on the cog wheel on the top right hand side of the module page and selecting ‘Turn editing on‘ (see image below).

Moodle module page with instructions for enabling the editing option

Adding contents

Once you have enabled editing, you will see that your module page now has plus symbols at the bottom of each content area allowing you to add activities or resources or new weeks/topics (at the very bottom of your module page).

Moodle module page with instructions for adding content

Depending on how your module is set up, you may see that instead of ‘Add weeks’ you have ‘Add topics’ – these will be selected to match the structure of your module.

Add weeks / Add topics

When selecting to add weeks/topics you will be given an option to add multiple sections, so select a number to match how many content areas you require (you can remove or add more later). Each of them can be renamed after they have been created.

Pop up window for adding topics

Renaming your weeks/topics

You will be able to amend the titles of the weeks / topics in your Moodle module by clicking on the pencil icon next to the title.

Image of Moodle content and instructions on how to amend content folder title

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