Accessibility block in Moodle

Last reviewed: 4/9/2019

Each Moodle user at LIPA will see an Accessibility block in Moodle (top right hand side of the page) which allows users to customise Moodle to their visual needs.

The block supports changing of text sizes and colour schemes and the settings can be saved to continue between various pages in Moodle.


There are 8 buttons on the block. The first 3 buttons on the top row control text size:

  • Clicking A- will decrease the text size.
  • Clicking A+ will increase the text size.
  • Clicking  A will reset the text size. If you had a saved setting for the text size, this will be cleared.
  • The final button on the top row saves styles changed by the block. Once saved, they will persist between pages even when you log out.
Screenshot displaying four bottom row buttons of the accessibility block in Moodle

The bottom row contains 4 buttons, each displaying a different colour scheme. Clicking any of these buttons will apply that colour scheme to the page.

You can reset the scheme to default by clicking the button on the far left.


The block also integrates ATBar from Southampton University ECS. The ATBar (which will appear at top of your Moodle page, when enabled) provides additional tools and customisation options, such as dictionary lookup and Text-to-speech. 

Note: you will get full visibility of the ATBar if you hide the Moodle menu on the right hand side by clicking on the menu icon (see image below).

Screenshot of Moodle dashboard with ATBar displayed on top, and instructions to hidthe module menu

We encourage users to test the Accessibility block’s functionality to see what customisation works best for their needs.

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