How to invite people to Teams meeting by sharing a link

Rather than inviting people to your Teams meeting via the calendar app, you can also share a link invitation to the meeting.

How to invite people to a meeting via a link

Once you have set up a meeting and it’s in your calendar in Microsoft Teams, you can grab the link from the event description (see below) and share it with people.

The link you need is the ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting‘ which you will need to copy from the description.

Meeting description page in Microsoft teams.

To copy the link rather than text right click on the ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting‘ and select ‘Copy link’.

What happens when people receive this link?

People who receive this link will need to open it using Microsoft Teams (either Teams app or in Chrome browser) and sign in to access the meeting.

Those without Teams account can access the event as guests, but they will still need to provide their name when joining the meeting.

Last updated: 8/4/2020

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