Assigning presenters in a Teams meeting

Sometimes you may be asked to set up a meeting on behalf of someone else, or you may be setting up a meeting that has multiple presenters.

In all cases, the person setting up the meeting in Microsoft Teams will have the ‘Organiser’ role assigned. If the meeting is hosted and run by someone else, or if you have several people presenting you may want to assign presenters to the meeting before it takes place.

How to assign presenters to a Microsoft Teams meeting

After you have created a Teams meeting you will have an option to change who can present at the meeting. To do this, go to the Calendar in Teams app (fig 1) and click Meeting options.

Figure 1 - accessing 'Meeting options' in Teams Calendar
Figure 1 – accessing ‘Meeting options’ in Teams Calendar

IMPORTANT: Only LIPA e-mail holders can be made presenters.

In Meeting options you will be able to change lobby (waiting room) settings and select who is able to present, choosing from ‘Everyone’, ‘People in my organisation’, ‘Specific people’ or ‘Only me’.

To nominate specific people to be presenters at your meeting under ‘Who can present’ setting select ‘Specific people’ (fig 2) and use the ‘Select presenters for this meeting’ field below to search for participants or select their names from the drop down list.

Figure 2 - meeting options window with presenter settings highlighted
Figure 2 – meeting options window with presenter settings highlighted

Assigning presenters mid-meeting

If you need to assign presenter rights to someone after the meeting has started you can do so by clicking on their profile in the Participants panel (fig 3) (to access this panel click on ‘Show participants’ in meeting controls) and select ‘Make a presenter‘.

Figure 3 - Participants panel in Teams meeting
Figure 3 – Participants panel in Teams meeting

Organiser, presenter and attendee capabilities

Speak and share videocheckmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Participate in meeting chatcheckmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Share contentcheckmark  checkmark  
Privately view a PowerPoint file shared by someone elsecheckmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Take control of someone else’s PowerPoint presentationcheckmark  checkmark  
Mute other participantscheckmark  checkmark  
Remove participantscheckmark  checkmark  
Admit people from the lobbycheckmark  checkmark  
Change the roles of other participantscheckmark  checkmark  
Start or stop recordingcheckmark  checkmark  
Source: Microsoft

Last updated: 7/4/2020

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