Welcome to LIPA! First steps to getting online

It’s September again and we at the Technology Enhanced Learning team would like to welcome all students to LIPA.

The returning students may have a good idea of what they are doing when it comes to our online systems, but we would like to walk those brand new to LIPA through the steps of getting up and running online.

We’ll keep it brief for now – more detailed guides are available on this website – have a browse.

The key – LIPA username and password

To begin with, you will need to get your LIPA username and password. These will be issued to you in the first week when you arrive to LIPA. Once you have your credentials handy memorise them and keep the information safe.

Home to all online systems – LIPA MyDay

LIPA MyDay (https://lipa.myday.cloud) is your one stop shop to all matters to do with your LIPA student life. It’s also where we want you to start your journey through our online systems you will use every day.

LIPA MyDay makes it easy to navigate to all other systems such as your LIPA e-mail, calendar, Moodle, Library, LinkedIn Learning, OneDrive, Office 365 suite of applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sway etc).

Have a browse through the various areas on LIPA MyDay main page and explore the systems you have access to.

Finally, check your LIPA e-mail

You will receive regular updates from LIPA and your tutors to your LIPA e-mail address, so please make sure you check it regularly. You can access your e-mail via Outlook app available on LIPA MyDay (look out for the blue My Mail icon).

That’s the short version of the LIPA systems tour.

We hope to meet you all during the induction week to provide you with more information and answer your questions.

See you soon and enjoy your time at LIPA – we are very excited to have you with us!


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