Moodle tricks (staff) – quickest way to add content to a module

Drag and drop!

Moodle offers a quick way of adding contents to a module.

If you have a file on your PC/laptop you want to add to your module you can simply grab the file and drag it over onto the Moodle module folder where it will be uploaded.

Save precious minutes of your time and try this method next time you are uploading files to Moodle. And when this trick doesn’t work you can always revert back to adding new activities to the module in the usual way.

Screenshot of a Moodle module page open in Chrome web browser and a document browser with a word document being dragged over to the Moodle page.

Remember to ‘Turn editing on’

Before you can make changes it is important that you enable the ‘editing’ feature. You can do so by clicking on the cog wheel on the top right hand side of the module page and selecting ‘Turn editing on‘ (see image below).

Screenshot of module page in Moodle with instructions on how to enable editing functionality

Learn more about adding content / creating activities in Moodle by following this link.

Last reviewed: 4/9/2019

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