Teaching music using Panopto – a user perspective

Laura Ritchie is Professor of Learning and Teaching in Music from the University of Chichester and is a big advocate for using Panopto in teaching.

On 2nd July 2019 Panopto has run a webinar during which Laura gave her perspective in how Panopto can enhance learning and teaching.

I would strongly recommend watching this short 30 minute webinar recording and hearing Laura’s story – her enthusiasm for this technology is infectious.

Screenshot of the webinar window with Laura recording student playing piano


Ways Laura Ritchie uses Panopto

In this webinar Laura talks about a variety of ways she uses Panopto – as a teaching tool, to produce video blogs as well as online tutorials for students. She uses video to discuss reading materials, talking through the articles, sharing her own notes and comparing notes with students.

Laura gives a number of examples of how Panopto can be used to teach and assess performance – she records her own and student performances both in the classroom and in ‘the field’, which allows capturing a genuine demonstration of practical skills in authentic conditions.

Student perspective

Having a recorded video is great for reflective practice and provides a visible demonstration of learner progress. A great example Laura gives is how recording piano performances using several webcams allows learners to see their posture and technique from multiple view angles. Producing recordings of student performances also allows students to use those videos in the future.

If you are still not convinced…

This excellent webinar also covers:

  • Reasons to use Panopto over YouTube
  • Ways of using Panopto for assessment
  • Video recording techniques and tips from a user perspective. Laura discusses potentials pitfalls and lessons she learnt along the way.
  • Ways to encourage student use of Panopto

I hope you enjoy this webinar as much as I did and let us know if you have a your own Panopto success story to share!

Learning Technologist at LIPA

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