How to upload a video assignment to Panopto

The below video will demonstrate how students can upload video assignments to Panopto platform. Click below to play it or access it in Panopto via this link.

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How to upload a file via the ‘Create’ button

You can upload a pre-recorded file to an assignment folder in Panopto using the ‘Create’ button (see Fig 1).

Select ‘Upload media’ to upload your video or audio file.

Figure 1 – Upload media option highlighted under ‘Create’ button

Choose a folder to upload to

In the following window you will be able to choose which folder the file gets uploaded to. Click on the drop down list to find the correct folder (Fig 2).

You will find all modules you are signed up to in Moodle under ‘Moodle’ folder. Click on the small triangle to the left of the ‘Moodle’ folder title to expand the list.

Figure 2 – choose a folder to upload your video to. Moodle folders can be found in ‘All folders’ area of the list.

Add the file

After you have selected your folder you will see the folder’s title at the top of the upload window. Drag and drop your file(s) to the blank square area (Fig 3) or click inside the square to choose video or audio files to upload using your file manager.

Figure 3 – upload files to Panopto.

The progress of your file upload will be shown in the area below.

Last reviewed: 6/5/2020